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Our Mission

At Immersive Recovery, our addiction treatment center in San Diego, California, passionately offers a revolutionary approach to recovery. Early sobriety is much more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It is an opportunity to explore and engage in a completely new way of living.

Our drug and alcohol rehab facility offers comprehensive treatment programs and services that are designed to target and address the underlying symptoms and risk factors commonly associated with the disease of addiction.

Immersive Recovery’s approach is simple, yet innovative. We equip our clients with the tools, resources such as life skills to achieve optimal recovery outcomes and maintain sobriety. Utilizing proven clinical and holistic methods, clients are guided through three stages of growth.


The period of intensive self-discovery. By confronting the past, acknowledging the present, and constructively preparing for the future, clients can begin establishing the foundation for a life in sobriety.


Exploring the building blocks of recovery and inspiring passion and purpose, our team continues to reinforce growth and progress within a new way of life.


Clients begin to accomplish personal and recovery goals, exercise healthy living practices, continue to pursue passions, and seek purpose. Through creating small measurable successes, the foundation of a lifestyle in recovery is further solidified.

Our Facilities

At Immersive Recovery, we have multiple rehab locations to maximize our client’s ability to engage in a future-focused lifestyle. We provide them with the comfort and safety necessary to treat the disease of addiction.

Immersive treatment programs are designed to provide unparalleled care to our clients. In most intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs, clients visit a facility, receive treatment, and then leave, and sometimes when they’re not ready.

At our San Diego drug rehab, we believe in a continuum of care. Aftercare has proven to successfully help individuals effectively transition out of a treatment center into another safe and structured environment. 

To avoid distractions and triggers that could hinder one’s recovery, clients will have the option to stay in our sober living homes. With our help and resources, individuals will be guided through a process that keeps them engaged and immersed in a lifestyle of growth and healing throughout each stage of recovery.

The Immersive Experience

At our San Diego rehab center, we provide a comprehensive range of care options, including outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, therapy, relapse prevention, and various treatments. Immersive Recovery offers 24/7 care in a highly conducive environment to promote sustained recovery and abstinence from substance abuse.

Sustaining spiritual and mental growth is essential for establishing long-term sobriety. Immersive Recovery has devised a program that instills self-accountability in these areas. Our clients are motivated to explore a wide range of practices to discover the most effective healing process for them. 

Once they have identified what sustains them, we equip them with the tools to establish their accountability systems and connect with the values and objectives they hold dear. We provide clients with the necessary resources to commence the process of alleviating and transforming their detrimental mental behaviors and habits. This is the “Immersive Experience.”

Before being accepted into our addiction treatment programs at Immersive Recovery, individuals will embark on the initial phase of recovery by undergoing medical detoxification. 


This crucial step aims to diminish the physical reliance that addiction imposes on their bodies. However, what occurs to the thoughts and mindsets of these individuals after completing the physical detoxification process? 

Physical development is a crucial aspect of an individual’s overall welfare and significantly contributes to the successful rehabilitation of recovering addicts and alcoholics. At Immersive Recovery, we provide a diverse range of physical activities for our clients, such as hiking, yoga, and doing exercises at the gym.


The emphasis is on exploration, allowing our clients to attain physical well-being, through integrative nutrition, a discipline focused on restoring and sustaining physical equilibrium through a holistic approach.

We utilize the latest and greatest innovative therapeutic modalities such as trauma-informed therapy and somatic experiencing to help our clients renew their minds, repair the nervous system, and cultivate a healthy life with resilience and healing.

Often repeated or prolonged trauma causes a lack of safety, helplessness, and isolation. We help people discover and find their purpose and a deeper meaning in life.

We firmly believe that achieving long-term sobriety requires individuals under our care to embark on a journey toward limitless personal growth. At Immersive Recovery, we educate and empower our clients to apply life skills in addiction recovery, such as time management, goal setting and attainment, resume development, future-oriented focus, and financial stability.


By substituting old negative patterns with new healthy ones, we aim to support our clients in transitioning seamlessly from despair to confidence. Learn and develop new passions and build a life worth staying sober for.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Treatment

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, over 20 million people in the United States have at least one substance use disorder (SUD). Sadly, barriers prevent people from receiving the treatment they need. Luckily, access to high-quality healthcare is available, but requires continuing care to be effective. 

At Immersive Recovery in Encinitas, CA, our men’s outpatient rehab facility specializes in addiction and mental health treatment. We strive to help clients in successfully navigating their path to recovery, and integrate back into society as efficiently as possible. Our team of medical professionals treats the following types of addiction:


Alcohol stands as one of the most frequently misused substances among individuals struggling with addiction. The treatment of alcoholism necessitates a comprehensive approach. Medical interventions include medications and therapy services to address an individual’s specific needs.

Prescription Drugs

The addiction to prescription drugs is rapidly increasing in the United States and globally. Typically, individuals first develop a dependency and then an addiction to opioids after prolonged use. Following an evaluation of the symptoms and extent of usage, an appropriate treatment plan will be designed to cater to a client’s specific needs.


Heroin is a powerful and illegal opioid drug derived from morphine, which itself is a natural substance extracted from poppy plants.  Due to its highly addictive nature and severe health risks, it’s crucial for individuals struggling with heroin addiction to seek professional help to overcome the challenges associated with withdrawal and achieve lasting recovery.


Cocaine is a potent stimulant, extracted from the coca plant, exerts a profound influence on both the mind and body. Cocaine addiction can lead to various physical and psychological issues, highlighting the importance of seeking help. Various treatment options for drug abuse, such as detoxification and therapy, are available for individuals struggling with stimulant addiction.

Our Proven Treatment Process

We are an alcohol and drug rehab facility that provides a range of treatment programs that are both accessible and cost-effective. At Immersive Recovery Center, our clients focus on enhancing their well-being and overall health within an environment that emphasizes achieving positive recovery outcomes.

Through our outpatient behavioral health services, which include IOP and therapy, as well as dual diagnosis treatment, our team of experts offers essential assistance tailored to meet the diverse needs and situations of our clients.

Are you in search of top-notch addiction treatment services in California? Our center not only ranks among the finest treatment facilities, but it also boasts a high success rate in terms of recovery outcomes.

At Immersive Recovery, we specifically treat the connection between addiction issues and underlying mental health. Starting with assessment and diagnosis, our Doctor and Masters Level Clinical Team will shape an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Immersive’s comprehensive treatment approach  encompasses the following levels of care:

An outpatient rehab facility offers a significant advantage as individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse can receive treatment efficiently without disrupting their regular lives. Treatment sessions are typically arranged to suit an individual’s schedule, ensuring availability during both daytime and nighttime hours.

There are various tiers of outpatient treatment accessible to cater to the individual requirements of each person. Our approach facilitates a smoother transition and advancement from more frequent and intensive therapy to less intensive therapy, based on their demonstrated capability to handle their recovery with reduced clinical assistance.

At Immersive Recovery, we acknowledge the unique difficulties that men encounter in overcoming addiction and mental health issues. Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is tailored to offer comprehensive care while allowing clients to manage their daily responsibilities, by providing a structured yet flexible approach to recovery, combining therapy, support, and education to promote lasting change.


Individuals with severe addiction cases often attend treatment sessions multiple days a week for several hours each day, while those with mild cases may only need to visit a facility a few times a week for shorter periods. Typically, IOPs span a duration of three to four months.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are designed to provide short-term treatment for individuals who are facing challenges related to addiction and/or mental health. Unlike residential treatment facilities, PHPs do not necessitate patients to live on-site. However, they are required to participate in daily treatment sessions for several hours. These programs typically last for several months or weeks, providing individuals with the necessary support and care to overcome their struggles.

Individuals with severe addiction cases often attend treatment sessions multiple days a week for several hours each day, while those with mild cases may only need to visit a facility a few times a week for shorter periods. Typically, IOPs span a duration of three to four months.

Immersive Recovery is dedicated to offering comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment that addresses the complex connection between mental health disorders and addiction. Through a clinically sound outpatient program, we aim to provide tailored treatment plans that address both the symptoms and root causes of these dual conditions simultaneously.

After finishing outpatient treatment, individuals usually persist in attending outpatient therapy sessions for a few months or even up to a year. The purpose of aftercare is to support individuals with addiction in maintaining a consistent level of care. Aftercare programs make use of the knowledge acquired during treatment and provide individuals with access to additional resources that can help them sustain their sobriety and effectively manage any potential triggers that may emerge.

Whether you are seeking assistance for yourself or a loved one, we are dedicated to helping you access the finest care available. We are prepared to address any inquiries our clients may have concerning their treatment plans.


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