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Refund Policy

Please read the following refund policy carefully: We believe at Immersive Recovery we offer an outstanding service for a fair and affordable price. We have a limited number of places available on our treatment program. Below you will find the details of our refund policy, which we believe is reasonable for all concerned.

To keep treatment costs low and affordable, Immersive Recovery needs to operate at full occupancy, so the deposit covers cancellations and allows us approximately one week to fill the bed again. Your understanding is appreciated.


A minimum non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is required for Immersive Recovery to clients that will be paying privately for services opposed to insurance.

In some cases the deposit is transferable, meaning if you are delayed in starting the program we will hold the space for you up to 5 days.

Full Payment

We expect the balance of any due payments to be paid on arrival unless we have made an alternative arrangement – in practice, we do tend to give clients 5 days to settle in so they can decide if Immersive Recovery is the right choice for them before final payment.

If for any reason a client decides to leave treatment against medical advice within 5 days of their arrival, we will issue 50% percent refund of the balance that was paid after arrival. It may take up to 30 days to process this, though. Please note: Leaving to use or drink is not an acceptable reason for refund. If a client remains for longer than this 5 day period and then decides to leave for whatever reason, there can be no refund offered.  

Involuntary Discharge

Immersive Recovery reserves the right to discharge any client from our treatment program – and no refund will be given – for any of the following reasons:

A client is found to be intoxicated during their stay at Immersive Recovery or is in possession of any alcohol and/or drugs.

A client causes disruption to the treatment program and/or disturbs the treatment of other clients during their stay at Immersive Recovery.

A client disobeys rules set forth by Immersive Recovery staff.

Please note: The above refund policy is implemented to ensure that anyone who stays at Immersive Recovery can and will receive the level of service and treatment that not only they would expect, but also that we insist on is provided.

Rehabs must have healthy boundaries regarding refund policy, or addicts/alcoholics would create a chaotic and unsustainable financial mess by leaving treatment every time they have a strong craving – make sense?

NOTE: We never give a client who leaves treatment prematurely a cash refund, due to the nature of the disease – otherwise this could be a recipe for disaster.

All refunds must be agreed before departure and discharge from Immersive Recovery – belated refund requests are not applicable.