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Non-12-Step Treatment Program For Addiction Recovery

Non-12-Step Programs are created for those who don’t align with the spirituality aspect or the God-oriented guidelines of the original 12-Step program created for Alcoholics Anonymous and has since been popular in programs treating substance use disorders as well. The intention for non-12-step programs is to teach individuals the same kind of skills and strategies to stay sober, as well as to provide them with a supportive network on their road to recovery, while focusing on alternative ideas that are more secular.

While the 12-step program has a specific series of steps and guidelines that participants follow, a non-12-step program does not have one particular template or model defined. Non-12-step programs aim at holistic approaches that are more aligned toward an individual’s needs, preferences and beliefs. Several of the recent non-12-step programs also incorporate mental health issues in addition to addiction treatment, which make them more comprehensive for individuals suffering from both.

At Immersive Recovery, we offer non-12-step options for inpatient and outpatient drug recovery programs. When patients graduate out of our programs there are several online and in-person groups for those interested in non-12-step approaches.

Advantages of Non-12-Step Programs

Our Non-12-Step Approach at Immersion Recovery

At Immersion Recovery we believe that each individual can create their own path to freedom. We pride ourselves on understanding personal stories and family histories, their beliefs and preferences, and offering options to help families make the right treatment choices for them. While the traditional 12-step program is very popular, there are many individuals who do not align with the underlying message. At Immersion Recovery our individualized treatment programs are designed to free our clients from their addiction, and help them stay on their road to recovery.

Some Popular Non-12-Step Programs After Rehab

SMART Recovery

SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) program aims to provide free participation opportunities as well as online resources and services to educate, empower and support recovery. It’s an international organization with a large base of community support for living healthier lifestyles after recovery.

SMART program facilitators are trained to follow their 4-point Self-Empowerment principles to support participants in their primary goals to overcome pain, and pursue happiness, but using non-addictive strategies and behaviors. Rather than religious motivators, SMART uses goals to help participants drive their own process of self-recovery.

The SMART 4-point Self-Empowerment Program is built around:

  1. Building and maintaining the motivation to change
  2. Coping with urges to use
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors in an effective way without addictive behaviors
  4. Living a balanced, positive, and healthy life
  5. This research based recovery program has become a popular alternative to traditional 12-step programs with over 2000 SMART recovery meetings held worldwide.

LifeRing Secular Recovery

Rather than a specific set of steps, higher powers, and sponsors, Life Ring aims to provide support to participants in creating their own individualized recovery plan, called the Personal Recovery Program (PRP). Life Ring helps individuals learn coping skills to face life’s challenges, as well as provide them with a network of support to encourage their plans.

LifeRing prides itself on providing a safe, non-judgmental space where participants can network, plan and create their goals.

LifeRing’s 3-S Philosophy is built around:

  1. Sobriety, the desire to stay abstinent
  2. Secularity, the desire to keep one’s religious/non-religious beliefs private
  3. Self-Help, the desire to use one’s own motivation and effort

LifeRing provides support through online as well as in-person meetings, and other resources, not just for their addiction but other challenges as well.

Women For Sobriety

A peer-support organization founded by women, run by women, and tailored specifically for women, the Women For Sobriety program provides support to address the unique needs of women.

Empowerment, positivity and self-enhancing behaviors are the main focus areas for the Women For Sobriety program.

The Women For Sobriety program is built around:

  1. Positive reinforcement (approval and encouragement)
  2. Cognitive strategies (positive thinking)
  3. Letting the body help (relaxation techniques, meditation, nutrition)
  4. Dynamic group involvement

Online chat rooms are available for 24/7 support.

Find a Non-12-Step Program Near You

All of the above programs are available to participants for free. Many non-12-step programs offer online as well as in-person meetings and support communities. You are free to choose the ones that you align with most, but it would be worth your time to look around for options near you.

Immersive Recovery offers non-12-step treatment options for addiction recovery to immerse yourself in a lifestyle of recovery, growth and success. If you have questions about our approach, call us to discuss.