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    At Immersive Recovery, we passionately offer a revolutionary approach to recovery. Early sobriety is much more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It is an opportunity to explore and engage in a completely new way of living. Our approach is simple, yet innovative. Equip clients with the tools and principals to not only maintain sobriety, but enable an overall lifestyle of growth and success.

    Our comprehensive treatment plan is designed to target and address the underlying symptoms commonly associated with the disease of addiction and alcoholism. Utilizing proven clinical and holistic methods, clients are guided through three stages of growth. DISCOVER- The period of intensive self discovery. By confronting the past, acknowledging the present, and constructively preparing for the future, clients are able to begin establishing the foundation for a life in sobriety. DEVELOP- Exploring the building blocks of recovery and inspiring passion and purpose, our team continues to reinforce growth and progress within a new way of life. DEPLOY- Clients begin to accomplish personal and recovery goals, exercise healthy living practices, also continuing to pursue passions and seek purpose. Through creating small measurable successes, the foundation of a lifestyle in recovery is further solidified.



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    Immersive Recovery is a men’s only drug and alcohol rehab center.  We have multiple locations to maximize our client’s ability to engage in a future-focused lifestyle while providing them with the comfort and safety necessary to treat the disease of addiction. It is designed to provide unparalleled care to our clients. In most intensive out patient drug and alcohol rehab programs, clients visit a facility, receive treatment, and then leave. At Immersive Recovery, our participants will have the option to stay at carefully chosen partnered sober living homes and be guided through a process that keeps them engaged and immersed in a lifestyle of recovery, growth, and success throughout each stage of the program.


    Immersive Recovery’s team of credentialed professionals understands that drug and alcohol addiction is a multi-faceted, personal disease that requires individualized care to be effectively treated. Our staff members guide clients through an innovative approach to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction using multiple modalities geared at promoting growth and sustainable change in every area of our clients lives.

    Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

    At Immersive Recovery, we specifically treat the connection between addiction issues and underlying mental health. Starting with assessment and diagnosis, our Doctor and Masters Level Clinical Team with shape an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

    Somatic Experience Trauma Therapy

    Somatic Experiencing is an evidence-based treatment method that helps trauma sufferers repair their nervous systems and cultivate a healthy life. This revolutionary field of healing trauma reconnects us with our natural capacity to heal and be resilient. It brings new hope to people who suffer from a lack of safety, helplessness and isolation, often caused by repeated or prolonged trauma.

    In Somatic Experiencing, trauma is not re-experienced over and over, with ever-increasing intensity. The original trauma is processed, resolved, repressed energy is freed up, and the victim becomes a survivor. This procedure breaks the body’s recognition of the stress response, thereby unlearning the physiological responses of “fight-or-flight” enabling a person to experience life more fully.

    Structure And Life Skills

    We firmly believe that in order to achieve long term sobriety, individuals in our care must set themselves on a trajectory towards boundless personal growth. At Immersive Recovery, we encourage and hold our participants accountable for all their basic life skills while encouraging them to embrace more important skills such as time management, goal setting and achievement, resume building, focus on the future, and financial sustainability.

    By replacing old negative habits with new healthy ones, our goal is to help our clients seamlessly transition from hopelessness to confidence.

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