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Anthem Rehab Coverage Information



Anthem Blue Cross Insurance

Immersive Recovery is a drug rehab in San Diego, California, that accepts Anthem Blue Cross insurance to help pay for our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. We can work with many major insurance providers, including Anthem. If you currently have an Anthem Blue Cross insurance plan, here is some more information about how to determine your coverage for addiction rehab.

Anthem Blue Cross Insurance for Substance Abuse

A significant barrier that prevents individuals from attending addiction treatment isn’t the person’s desire to recover but the costs associated with attending rehab. Based on your specific Anthem insurance policy, anywhere from a portion to the entire cost of treatment could be covered. Here’s what you need to do to find out:

How to Find Out if Anthem Will Cover Drug Rehab

No two insurance policies are entirely alike, so we aim to make the admissions process as straightforward as possible. The following three steps are an excellent place to start if you’re looking for how do determine if your insurance policy will cover an addiction rehab program:

More about Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

Being in business for over 80 years, Anthem Blue Cross companies have provided secure and stable health care coverage across the country. Covering more than 106 million people – One in three Americans are with Anthem Blue Cross. Anthem is #88 of America’s Fortune 100 employers.

Immersive Recovery provides multiple locations to maximize our client’s ability to engage in a future-focused lifestyle while giving them the comfort and safety necessary to treat the disease of addiction. Our counseling facility is located in North County, San Diego, just ten minutes from the beaches of Encinitas and Carlsbad. It is designed to provide unparalleled care for our clients. In most intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs, clients visit a facility, receive treatment, and then leave. At Immersive Recovery, our participants can stay at carefully designed sober living homes and be guided through a process that keeps them engaged and immersed in a lifestyle of recovery, growth, and success throughout each stage of their program.

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